How does the betting work?

A bet is officially set once the invited user accepts the specified amount. If you declare yourself the loser, you will automatically donate the specified amount. If you select yourself as the winner, the other users donation transaction will take place at midnight that night. This allows the loser to dispute the bet conclusion in case there was an error.

Will I be able to write these donations off on my taxes?

As of right now that is not an option. Fore Charity and the team knows this is a priority and are working to hard to offer this to the users.

Do the charities get the donation immediately?

For every donation that happens through Fore Charity. We track each donation amount and charity. At the end of each month, we calculate the totals for each charity and make the donations from our holding account.

Do you have plans to include more charities?

Yes, we plan on adding more charities as options within the app as we continue development.

Can I get my charity in this app?

We would love to hear about how we can help support more organizations.

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